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Effects of Dietary Supplementation of Vitex doniana (Black Plum) Leaf Mealon Growth Performance, Blood Parameters,Carcass Traits, and Relative Organ Weights of Broiler Chickens

Obun Cletus Otu*, Madaki Sanda Zumunta, and Rapheal Wafar

Department of Animal Production and Health, Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Federal University Wukari, Taraba State, Nigeria


Introduction: Evaluation of using plants, such asVitex donianaleaf meal as an alternative feed resource in broiler diets decreases the feed costs.The current study examined how air-dried Vitex doniana,Black Plum Leaf Meal (BPLM) could affect broiler chicken growth performance, hematological parameters and serum biochemical indices, carcass yield, and relative organ weights.Materials and methods: In a completely randomized design, 54 Arbor Acre broiler chicks aged 28 days old were allocated to two treatments. Each group included27 chickenswiththreereplicates (nine chickens per replication). The chickens were fed two diets,including basal diet (control) and basal diet with 5% dry matter BPLMfor two weeks.Results:The results of the nutrient composition of BPLM revealed 17.16% crude protein, 11.10% crude fiber, 1.70% ether extract, 7.10% ash, 39.0% nitrogen-free extract,2413 metabolizable energy (kcal), 1.34% calcium, and 0.06% phosphorus. As a rich source of phytic acids, BPLM contains (14.69 mg/100g), tannins (3.23 mg/100 g), and oxalates (20 mg/100 g). The results showed that chickens fed a 5% BPLM-supplemented diet had lower feed intake butimproved growth performancecompared tothe control. There was no significant difference in hematological and serum biochemical indices, carcass traits, cut-up parts, and relative organ weights.Conclusion:Incorporating BPLM into a finisher broiler diet decreases feed intake butimproves growth performance. In addition, the results showed no effect on hematological and biochemical parametersor relative organ weights in chickens supplemented with BPLM.

1. Introduction

The increasing expenses associated with traditional feed ingredients have led to elevated prices of processed feed and a significant rise inpoultry product costs, ultimately contributing to a shortageof protein.Due tothis limitation, investigatingalternative ingredients to minimize the cost of chicken production and productshas begun. Several multi-purpose tree Leaf Meals such as Leucaenia leucocephala1,Gmelina arborea2,Azadirata indica(Neem)3,Acacia augustissima4,Ceiba pentadra5,Manifera indica6,Adansonia digitata7,Gliricidia8,Moringa oleifera9,Mistletoe album10, and Psidiumguajava11have been addedin poultry rations to testtheireffectson growth performance, hematological,biochemical,carcass,and organsweight of broilersatdifferent inclusion levels. One alternative ingredient that could also breach the research gap is theVitex donianaplant (black plumleaf). Black PlumLeaf Meal(BPLM)hasnot receivedattention as apotential supplement in broiler diets. Vitex doniana leaf mealshavebeen reportedas rich sourcesof protein, vitamins,and minerals12,13.

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