About Us

Rovedar is a non-profit and non-stock corporation registered in Turkey (Company no. 0735181270300001; DOI prefix: 10.58803) in 2020. Rovedar aimed to publish high-quality papers of international scientific societies, universities, and research institutes. Rovedar is a debt-free company and is not repaying loans or investments, but as a high-quality open-access publisher, it should pay for journal operations of newly established journals (15%), publication costs (10%), communication (5%), IT & innovation (12%), growth (16%), general & administration expenditure (5%), discounts and waivers (23%), differential article type pricing structure (2%), and general costs, such as membership in international publishing organizations and tax (12%). All manuscripts are processed based on the ethics of the online peer-review process and open-access publication. Rovedar uses the potential of all scientific members to publish, share, and maximize the access and impact of the modern and latest knowledge of vital studies in all fields of science, especially veterinary science, medicine, and education. in 

Rovedar Foundation

The Rovedar Foundation is governed by its Board, which is comprised of four external and four internal members representing Rovedar.  Members serve 4-year renewable terms. The Rovedar board members generally have a broad range of expertise, knowledge, and interest in sustainable development goals regarding education, research, and high-quality publication. The Rovedar Foundation board meets annually to provide strategic guidance and on future programming and governance.

Key Management Staff

Daryoush Babazadeh, CEO of Rovedar, TURKEY
Atena Attaran, Managing Director of Publication Process and Publication Services, IRAN
Alireza Sadeghi, Head of Publication Office, IRAN
Atefeh Taherian Kalati, Manager of Language Department, CANADA
Ahmad Reza Mirzaei, Peer-review Manager, USA
Alireza Rahmani Shahraki, Consulting Editor Manager, USA
Kristina Ruth Mueller, Manager of Appeals and Complaints, New Zealand
Nefise Kandemir, Head of Financial Department TURKEY
Behzad Ghonsooly, Vice President of Global Communication, IRAN
Masoumeh Karimi, Technical Manager, IRAN